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Design Interest March 2013

My notes from last night’s Design Interest are on their blog. (As Posterous is shutting down, the group is in the process of moving to Tumblr, hence the temporary domain). This month’s talks consisted of Jules Quinn of The Teashed, animator James Taylor of Arcus Studios, and artist and arts co-ordinator Lauren Healey.

In a related note, one thing I’ve noticed as a blogger (*cringes* sorry I had to use that phrase!) is how Posterous, Tumblr and the like really do aim at the micro-blogger rather than the blogger. If you write detailed posts with header tags, quotes, tweets, and Youtube embeds, WordPress really does spoil you to the point that you can’t go back (I particularly miss the wordpress shortcodes that allow you to merely insert a twitter or youtube URL for it to automagically turn into an embed, responsive at that).