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9. This is just to say

Maps, saying no, and Colombo
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Image of plums by Vladimir Gladkov from Unsplash

I remember, in the late 00s, the buzz around massively open online courses (MOOCs). Online community learning! Education for all! The dream was that every university would host some courses online for free to remove the barriers to higher education. What played out was… more complex. But I'm proud to say that that early community spirit of MOOCs is still alive if you can find it. And I've found it in the Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (ModPo) Coursera course, hosted by UC Penn.

It's a 10 week course with a 'real-time cohort' every September to December including live webcasts. The course it in its 10th year, with many staff and course learners continuing to attend with an extra track. This gives the course a wonderfully 'lived-in' feel, a community as well as a course. Between this and the rich audio archive (who knew that William Carlos Williams had such a weedy voice?), it’s a must-try for anyone interested in poetry.

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