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When the going gets tough, the tough get ... crafty

 As the recession bears down on us, at times in the design world it's hard to avoid the worry that our roles will be the first to go. However, maybe the one thing in our favour is the thing that gives us a job in the first place … that people are understandable, but not entirely rational. Take the report from the New York Times that craft supply shops are experiencing a boom.

Craft picture

It's a reminder that people still have a desire for self-expression and actualisation even when they have a bit less money. Similarly, the PR Web report of healthy Blu-Ray sales shows that while the format for entertainment may change, the need for it will not. (Not that that helps the movie industry though!) The UK's The Independent notices the same for food: Londoners might have less money, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're prepared to cook. However, the most intriguing exception to the recession rule has to be this one: a booming trade for spy gadgets (see Reuters video interview.) Apparently it's a reaction to concern about finances. I can see Bruce Sterling having a field day if this one continues ….