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The Second International Symposium on Culture, Creativity, and Interaction Design: Notes

On Monday and Tuesday this week I was fortunate enough to attend the The Second International Symposium on Culture, Creativity, and Interaction Design, held in conjunction with British HCI at Northumbria University.

The first symposium happened five years ago (well before my time in the UK, barely into interaction design at that point), but from what I can gather the symposium gathered a range of second-time and first-time speakers/presenters.

The presentations/papers covered a range of topics in HCI and creativity, from semiotics to dance.

One of my favourite things about the symposium was its focus on getting the groups to interact with each other in activities on how the group should continue.

This could be new to me as I've generally gone to industry conferences, but what I appreciated from this was that it actually allowed for true discussion. I'd love to see this happenmore (though I have started to see it happen in break out sessions in some conferences).

Digital Sketchnotes

I was interested in trying to take a hybrid form of sketchnotes at a conference, that combined the freeform nature of drawing with the usefulness that searchable text provides. These sketches were made with a laptop and Wacom on Illustrator (the font is one I made of my own handwriting to make it feel less sterile and more personal). All are available as a PDF underneath.

Sketchnotes for Jettie Hoonhout of Philips Research
Sketchnotes for Licia Calvi
Sketchnote for Gilbert Cockton
Sketchnotes for Jan de Roven
Sketchnotes for Ann Light
Sketchnotes for Darren Reed
Sketchnotes for Per Hendrik Storm
Sketchnotes for Thelca Shiphorst