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UX On The Rise

There have been a number of articles about the rise of UX.

On Computer World, Howard Baldwin reports on the increasing attention companies pay to UX (depending on your view, you can either praise or blame Apple for this) and the life of a UXer (it’s often a long process, hence why there are often nice perks). They talk to Whitney Quesenbery who suggests that people interested in getting into the discipline either get onto a Masters course, or talk their way into a multidisciplinary team and soak up as much information as they can.

Over on HBR, Robert Fabricant suggests UX may be sinking into corporate culture the way that brand did a decade ago (but does this mean that it’s getting diluted and turned into corporate BS?) He also notes that we’re seeing specific strands of UX appearing:

1. Lean UX: championed at startups such as SAP

2. UX in R&D: allowing crossover talent such as engineers who have an understanding of experience to stay in companies and  show cool things at CES

3. Baby-Step UX: e.g. Bloomberg, an established company with legacy software)

4. Six Sigma UX: e.g in Google, where they need to be strategic about UX)

5. Customer-Driven UX: using UX in a customer environment

 “Scaling Your UX Strategy” on HBR