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My Podcast Subscriptions: 2012

I’ve learnt so much from podcasts over the years. I remember being in a co-working studio on my own for a month, and only having the Boagworld podcast for company! Here are a list of some of the podcasts I listened to for work or pleasure this year.



  • Geeks Guide to the Galaxy (iTunes) The format for this show is unusual—half dedicated to an interview, the other half discussing something related to the interview (usually)—but once you get the hang of it it works. What’s great about this show is that hosts David Barr Kirtley and Joseph John Adams are sci-fi writers and editors, meaning that their commentary is far more literary and knowledgeable than you might get one some geek shows. Early episodes suffer from sounds quality and teething problems (though hearing the Skype in as they hosts call an author is somewhat charming), but still worth listening to. My favourite talks include Jennifer Finlay Boyan, Naomi Novak, and Simon Pegg.
  • This American Life (iTunes). The Radio 4 for the rest of the world (or this must be the case, as hardly anyone in the UK seems to know about this show). I love the themes. It’s worth knowing that while the iTunes podcast only contains the latest week, the radio archive on the site goes right back to their first episodes in 1996 when they were still known as Playhouse Theatre (from which the show got its act structure).
  • NY Times Book Review Podcast (iTunes). There are rumours that all the NYTimes podcasts are to go, but for now they’re still around. The Book Review podcast has punchy interviews with various authors (my favourite to date has been John Lithgow) and will keep you up with the book trends enough to be able to hold your ground at learned parties.
  • Diry Whoers (iTunes). Last but not least, and most definitely NSFW. The podcast, made up of two Brits and two Yanks swearing passionately about Doctor Who is wonderfully adult if you’re a fan of the series. Let’s put it this way: they call themselves Whoers rather than the standard Whovians for a reason….