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Grooming an Heir and a Spare

Thanks to David and Mary Sherman I have a phrase that I use a lot for work: ‘the bus number’. As in, if you were hit by a bus, how many other people would be able to get at the information you had? The closer this number is to 0, the worse it is.

They spoke about sustainable team and knowledge management.

When you’re thinking about some form of responsibility, think:

  • Who does this abstract responsibility impact?
  • Who does it effect?
  • I’ll be successful if what happens?
  • If I don’t do this, what will happen?

For departments and stakeholders you deal with:

  • consider your responsibilities,
  • role expectations,
  • knowledge you need,
  • skills, responsibilities

Know how to delay, transition, reassign work and what to do with unplanned situations

Keep bus number high for every person – info should be visible to all team members

Don’t ask 5 year question, ask 5 year journey to today and tasks for 6 months

Long view – future impact, responsibilities that will challenge me

There are always gaps – when you leave, leave behind a person shaped hole not a skills shaped one.