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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Presentations But Were Afraid To Ask

Last year, I ran into tech man-about-town Peter Nelson at a Starbucks. (Yeah, I know they don’t pay tax. I get coffee from Costa too!) He mentioned a startup he was mentoring to do with presentations, and I got talking about the various people I followed in regards to presentations. Fast forward a few months, and I was asked to talk about what I knew about presentations for the Design Interest event relating to the company. What do talk about? It’s always a little hard to talk about a topic that a company specialises in. So, after racking my brains for a way in, I found a way.

Cos if you have nothing to lose, you might as well be a little irreverent.

My crowning glory from the event was getting to unashamedly wear Woody Allen style spectacles despite having perfect vision.

Woody Vicky
Woody Vicky. Though I could also be mimicking Bob Buzzard from A Very Peculiar Practice!

The only problem is now that I want to keep doing it, despite my morals that it’s wrong to wear glasses purely for fashion. (Hell, Elton John did it and ruined his eyesight in the process!) My notes on the event in general are on the Design Interest blog.