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Design And Education

Where are we going next? At IXD13, there was a special summit that looked into it. They pointed out how diverse the backgrounds of people who end up in UX or similar are, and that we need to account for it. See the breakout site http://www.ixdeducation.com/

And how about apprenticeships? Sibylle Weber is hoping to do  one right now with a company alongside her her full time studies.  (Related is Andy Rutledge’s post about the things to consider when mentoring a project. One good tip, talk about ‘junior designers’ rather than students! )

Finally, if you want to self study IXD? Cooper has a list of books for that. Though as Dan Saffer points out, About Face might be a little much for the beginner. (I’d say the size of the book alone—it’s enough to break someone’s foot with!—is enough to put someone off!)