I am currently a juggling full time UX work and doctoral research, but still do the odd bit of conference reporting and meetup documentation.

I started a full-time PhD at Northumbria University in October 2010 on the “aesthetics of touch” and how designers can better learn to articulate haptic qualities. (For more on this project, see my blog of the same name). Since then, it’s shifted to look at the language of design (including touch), and has another website focused on it.

My undergraduate degree project at Unitec New Zealand looked at how electronic devices could help children learn music, and my Masters project (also at Unitec) combined phenomenology and craft in the service of mobile phones.

Please find here a list of some of the articles and presentations I’m rather happy with. My complete lists are on Johnny Holland and Slideshare.


Northumbria (Academic)

Johnny HollandJohnny Holland

Selected articles (see site for full list )


Locus ResearchLive Cycle Thinking (Locus Research Blog)

Blog of my former workplace


  • Mocoloco: Milan Design Week Food Chain Toys – 2008
  • Prodesign Magazine: Marine Toys – 2008
  • Radio New Zealand: Four for the Future Car Project (radio interview) – 2005


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