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21. Possession

Inclusion, and confusion: from the Isle of Man to Hadrian's Wall
Exhibit from the Manx museum of the original sheet of Act of Isle of Man Purchase Act 1765. It's written in longhand in
The 1765 Isle of Man Purchase Act 1765 (or Revestment Act) as in the Manx Museum. The document, selling the Duke of Atholl's rights to the British Crown was in English… a language that the Manx locals could not read. A later translation is shown bottom right.

I'm in the Isle of Man for the weekend, because why not. From trains around the island to a few museums, I've learned a bit about geopolitics, from: the historical (the Island has the oldest continuous parliament in the world, dating back to the Vikings) to the stunning (the island being sold to the Crown by the Duke of Atholl in 1765… written in an Act that the Manx-speaking locals could not understand) to the practical (I'm struggling to get my mobile data plan working since the island is neither in the UK nor the EU).  

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