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0. Before you start

If you've never heard of me, this gives a background as to what I share in this newsletter and why.

So, let’s start a newsletter!

I’ve been sharing the things I’ve read with people since I’ve had WiFi. (2005, in case you’re wondering.)

Example of email with links from 14 February 2007
One of my early “Linkmanias” to friends and colleagues back in 2007. I blame my flirtation with not capitalising my name (urgh!) on 90s Dutch design

The links I’ve accumulated over the years are made up of:

  • design—my chosen career since the early 2000s, with a mixture of theory and practice since over the years I’ve skipped back and forth between academia and industry
  • digital government, and in particular UK digital government—the domain I’ve worked in since 2015
  • miscellany—cos I’ve enjoyed finding stuff since forever. I’ve been called “Vickypedia” or similar throughout much of my life.
Mathilda saying "I love to read"

Over the years I’ve tried:

  • manual emailing
  • a mailing newsletter (that I never really used)
  • tweeting links—which is great but don’t give much space for context
  • blogging—which I still do for original work but less for things I find
  • weekly social media captures of #booksandbrunch—which were a fun experiment from 2019-20 but also relentless

So, this is a more long-form review of things I find (and usually tweet) as well as things that better suit themselves to a longer format.

My aim for 2021 is monthly posts on the last Sunday of the month. Sign up and I’ll see you in your inbox!