One of my favourite things about the Mary Poppins movie was her carpet bag that held innumerable and unexpectedly wonderful goods.

The wondrous Mary Poppins' bag

The wondrous Mary Poppins’ bag

That’s really what a good linkblog should be right? And it’s more fun and less poncey than calling this a ‘curation’ site.

So, this site is my attempt to log and keep notes on the interesting content I come across on the web. This information I collect here is a little too random for my ‘proper’ website (though it is mainly design related), I’ve never got the hang of delicious (for me, it’s too far ‘away’) and I prefer to have control of my content rather than use posterous or tumblr. So a blog it is!

As of February 2013, I figure that the topics I’m posting about roughly fall into the following categories:

  • Web design and development
  • Design in general
  • Communication and Writing
  • Academia and research
  • Careers, Business, Startups
  • Useful lifehacks